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UNSAFE, Part 1


“Unsafe For Morons But Safe For Everyone Else”: Examples Of Architecture And Design That Don’t Prioritize Safety

From Bored Panda at:

Photos, headings and reader comments from the above site . . .


Mural On The Back Of Acme Incorporated

Reader Comments:

Wyle E. Coyote must love this place.

That's what this need as the cherry on the cake for this. Paint road runner at the other end of the tunnel.

Mip mip!

Wait tell somebody tries to drive through it!

If it's here in the US then you know damn well someone tried

This is called Tunnel Vision and is located in Columbia SC. The artist is Blue Sky.

Yes, I am from there and have seen it hundreds of times. It is famous.

Acme Paint!

Needs a - This Way To The Cheapest Brothel In Town - sign.

The two real crash barriers either side absolutely make this.

To be fair, it does look inviting

It's the entrance to Toon Town!

"OKAY I GET IT HONEY, but I swear I only tried bc I saw this annoying half breed ostrich say beep beep then ran right through. I thought it was like Diagon Alley, ya know?"


You Don't Need To Be Drunk Anymore

My eyes are screwed up enough as it is.

With astigmatism? I'd need a guide dog

I hope the person who made this decision has to walk down this street every day.

Maybe the one who bullied him for having glasses lives there.

I had to look really hard to realize that it wasn't a blurred photo and I have perfect vision! That's amazing, but I still can't stand it which makes it even cooler!

Somehow I love and hate this

Once I throw up on this, at least there will be some differentiation


I think, I just had vertigo.😡‍πŸ’«

Oh lord, why would they do this?

Imagining the council planner rubbing his hands with psychopathic glee.

pixel art from hell

That's just meanspirited.... Just looking at the picture made me cross eyed. Trying to walk would be a mess



Dude, i'm blind from my left eye which means i have no depth perception, which causes me vertigo, in sum, i would probably die of broken neck syndrome on these stairs....

I have 20/20 vision and no vertigo problems, yet my corpse would be at the bottom of those stairs cushioning your fall.

Those aren't stairs. Those are really tall rock ladders.

Stairway to heaven

BP please give us details about these photos. Pandas are curious creatures.

Mt. Huashan, China

I can’t even go further than the first rung on a ladder. Just like when I was a kid and friends went on the roller coaster….I’ll stay here and hold your bags.

Same. I was the official purse holder in my teen years.

Do these stairs honestly go full 90 degrees? I mean, how do you even...?

I wouldn't go up those steps purely because a slight mis-step could be fatal. Never mind the other people you might take out on your way down. Anything that requires perfection from a human being is a big nope from me.

Hmmm... I would like to see the handicap accessiblity. 

THAT is a ladder

The secret way into Mordor

Not so much stairs as vertical grooves in the wall made to look like stairs.

My knees gave out just looking at the picture

imagine going down these…..


This Staircase

Forget about walking on them while drunk, I couldn't do it if I was sober.

I'm a very peaceful soul but I could honestly give this designer the biggest dope-slap ever🀯

Cool little basement hole to fall to your doom.

More of an art installation, than anything practical. Looks cool though. πŸ€”

This is actually cool. I'd try to climb it, but I'd probably stay glued to the railing. That red line is a railing, right? :)))

Not until you get to the 4th step

I'll stay downstairs, thank you

There is no way these are legal. They're an accident waiting to happen.

Aside from being a lawsuit waiting to happen, these stairs are just straight up ugly.

I fell down these stairs just looking at em.

Some people have way too much time on their hands.

This might shorten their time then

Has the Code Inspector and/or the Fire Marshall seen this? I bet NOT! And then, there's your house insurance representative.....

Life, you were kinda nice whilst you lasted

This is a suicide task πŸ˜‚


Construction Of The Hindenburg- Yes, Those Are Ladders

Did they make these ladders specifically for this?

I would say yes.

So, what you’re saying is that it was a death trap from the onset?

Not really, it was built with Helium in mind. But the US refused to sell it. So they had to use Hydrogen. It made 63 safe flights. Although it was a disaster, the majority of passengers and crew survived. Zeppelins were quite succesful, but planes were faster and better.

Exceptionally long ladders on wheeled carts...What could go wrong?

"You'll spend the first and last hour of your shift climbing up and then down the ladder."

me, gets all the way to the top, finds out I forgot the one tool I need

Yes and no multiple companies made these ladders for different things but they all had to have regular adjustments in order to keep up with the projects those suckers were not adjustable..

For the workers, being told about those ladders probably went down like a lead ze... I'll get my coat

Looked the same when it exploded. Could’ve saved some effort just leaving it like this

Regardless of the disaster that occurred, those airships were an impressive feat of engineering.

(Look closely, you will see workers at the tops of the ladders)


These Obstacles Are Almost Invisible On The Bike Lane


A little yellow paint on the bumps would make a world of difference

My guess is those bumps were suppose to
(1) stop cars driving on bicycle lane
(2) make bike lane safer for bicycles.
Looking at top right corner and how much they are blending in with background. Those bumps are failing at both tasks.

Plus there's a car in it.

That's me in the truck with my bike on the back... Avoiding my last bike ride.

What obstacles?

"These Obstacles Are Almost Invisible On The Bike Lane" - these black marks on them just prove it

Well you're darn well gonna stay in your own lane after the first time...

They're almost invisible to me, had to do a double take!

Of all the things on this list, this is the absolute worst. Maybe the worst I've ever seen.

That is just pure evil.


BINGO! Caught one of these while driving a girl home from the student association in uni. Bike wheel broken, leg gashed, and I couldn't for the life of me work out what had just happened.

They could not afford a paint other than white?

And yet there is still a moron driving in the bike lane.

Does anybody know what purpose those things serve?!

Is that why that truck is there? To pick up and take broken bikes to the shop?

Do Not Forget The Helmet. And shin guards. And shoulder pads. And face mask. And bandages and mercurochrome.


More to come

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