Sunday, August 14, 2022


As regular readers know, I like to listen to Jonesy and Amanda on breakfast radio, 2WSFM, when I drive to work of a morning and catch up on highlights on the drive home.

Last Friday on their listener phone-in segment they invited calls on the topic of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – When Good Turns Go Wrong.

Some of the phone-ins . . . 

One listener reported that whilst sitting on the bus, she noticed that a gentleman who had gotten off the bus and had been sitting nearby had dropped his packet of cigarettes, which she saw on the floor. She picked up the packet and, as the bus began to drive off, she called out to him through the window “You dropped your cigarettes”, tossing the packet to him. He looked non-plussed, which was not surprising in that she had tossed him the packet belonging to the man sitting on the seat in front of her. What made it worse was that the cigarettes in the packet was his collection of joints.

Another listener said that some years ago, whilst she was a registered nurse, she observed an older man leaning against a wall with his head on his arm and appearing to be having a heart attack. She went up to him and asked if he was okay. He may have been hard of hearing and didn’t answer, so walked to the front of him to ask him again, only to see that he was urinating on the wall.

A further example of a good deed going awry was the story told by a listener of seeing a removalist truck on the neighbour’s driveway that was having trouble starting. Being a helpful sort of chap with mechanical experience, he managed to get their truck started for the them.

That evening the neighbours knocked on his door and asked if he had seen anything suspicious.

He said that he hadn’t, that the only thing he had observed was their removalist and that he had helped start their truck.

They told him they weren’t moving and that the supposed removalists had been burglars who had cleaned out the house.

The last tale was by a listener who told Jonesy and Amanda that a couple of years ago they saw their friend’s dog, a white Maltese Shi Tzu named Doug, on the street whilst they were out walking. They called to Doug to come and Doug did, then followed them to their friend’s house. The friend wasn’t home so they put Doug inside through the dog door.

A few days later they caught up with the friend and asked if they found Doug when he came home, that they had put him inside.

The friend exclaimed “It was you!”.

It turned out that the friend’s father had come home to be confronted by two identical Dougs staring at him.

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