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Byter Philip C sent me an email in response to yesterday's post about sharenting, portmanteau word from sharing and parenying, meaning the posting and overposting of images of children on the internet, especially on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks Philip.

Philip's email was accompanied by a photograph, which he has given permission to share, as I am told so have the child's parents:

Hi Otto,

I am all for maintaining my grandchildren's privacy.




Roberta W also sent me an email about the Sharenting post, thanks Rob:

Very interesting bytes, Otto. As you probably know, I absolutely loathe social media. God knows there's enough info being collected about us all without posting loads of stuff on FB and Instagram. Ughhh...
Fully agree with you, Rob.

Some thoughts on that . . .

. . . .and finally, the chief advocates for privacy:


An email from Ron T in the US about the post about the dog named Rum, who was useless as a guard dog becuase he loved everyone . . .

Otto, good evening [midwest USA time].

I love your blog, but this poem skyrockets to the very tops.

Only we pup lovers understand the joys, and frequent frustrations, we're blessed with through our four-legged family members.

All the best to you, Kate and those near and dear to you.

Thanks, Ron


From Philippa W in response to the post about the  origins of the expressions dough and bread for money:

Hi Otto,

I really enjoyed this piece about money, bread and dough. Isn’t it interesting how expressions come about, and the relationships between them (eg the the Germanic pun of dough as something that’s kneaded/needed.) I remember that for some reason Mum hated the word moolah (taught to me by my naughty best friend in Year 7) and wasn’t keen on ‘dosh’ either (perhaps because if it’s association with doss-houses!)

Thanks for continuing to entertain and educate us with Bytes.

Bye for now,

Thanks Pip.


An earlier email from Roberta W:

Wow. Fascinating Otto.

Love the history re the band Jethro Tull, as I'm a big fan. 1st album I ever bought, at age 15, was Joni Mitchell. Second, Jethro Tull.

Thanks, Rob.


In the early years, 1967–1968, the new band found it difficult to obtain repeat bookings. They changed their name frequently in order to continue playing the London club circuit, using aliases such as Navy Blue, Ian Henderson's Bag o' Nails, and Candy Coloured Rain. The group’s leader, founder, principal composer and only constant member, Ian Anderson, recalls looking at a poster at a club and realising that the band name he did not recognise was theirs.

The names were often supplied by their booking agent's staff, one of whom, a history enthusiast, gave them the alias Jethro Tull after the 18th-century agriculturist. The name stuck because they were using it when the manager of the Marquee Club liked their show enough to give them a weekly residency. In an interview in 2006, Anderson said that he had not realised it was the name of "a dead guy who invented the seed drill – I thought our agent had made it up". He said if he could change one thing in his life, he would go back and change the name of the band to something less historical. 

The band recorded a single, "Sunshine Day", which was released in February 1968 on MGM Records,   The group’s name was miscredited to "Jethro Toe".  Produced by Derek Lawrence, he is credited with purposely designating the band as Jethro Toe because he did he did not like the name "Jethro Tull".


Also from Roberta W about the origins of the description of people being "salty":

Very interesting history re salt. I love the expression "jumping salty" - I've never heard that before, but plan to use it. Hahaha.

However, you missed one important historical fact, Otto. As I'm sure Kate has told you, when Elliot was little and took a spoonful or taste of something that wasn't to his liking, he'd announce it to be "salty", with a grimace on his face. Even if said unpleasant food item was something sweet. It was very amusing... Xoxo Rob

Thanks, Rob.


A man is waiting in line at the bus station. He finally makes his way to the attendant and notices she is well endowed and certainly showing it. He avoids looking at her breasts and promptly states "I'd like a picket to Titsburgh." Realising his mistake he grows red with embarrassment. After purchasing a ticket to Pittsburgh he sits and waits for his bus. Shortly after sitting down a man walks up to him and says "Don't worry about that, it's called a 'Freudian Slip' and it happens all the time. Like the other day I was sitting with my wife at dinner and I meant to say 'Pass me the salt please' but I accidentally said 'YYou've ruined my life you bitch."


Comments and input always appreciated, folks.

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