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This Was Spotted Near Where I Live

Public sacrificial altars? It's about time!

That is a crappy sacrificial altar! There is no drainage.

Where is this? I have a few guesses. Gas station? Drugstore? A Walmart in Florida? The weird neighbors across the streets house?


Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love—Isaac—and go to the region of the gas station. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a foldout altar I will show you.”

*offers up my annoying little brother*

I’ve seen this too many times 😂 it still disturbs me 0-0

I like to add, “No chickens, please.”

With a convenient strap to hold down the sacrificee

Again, this is not "excusable" nor hilarious. They sometimes do cross a line that shouldn't be crossed!

IDK man, that pentagram looks a bit wonky.


Ok, I would legitimately be scared if I saw this, so I guess it's a good one

finally, publicly available religious services

There's Always Time To Make Your Statement!

I thought this as soon as they buried her on his golf course. It's so cartoonishly vile that he would do it.

Wait, they really buried her on his golf course?! That's just creepy and weird. And there's definitely something hidden in there.

He buried her on the golf course because he got to claim it was a tax break

I would not be the least bit surprised if you were actually correct on this.....

We all think it. Those of us who have any sense...

Might find some top secret files instead of a body

Please do this. Do this soon. Who knows what's there.

They would need a court order from a judge that he appointed so that isn't going to happen

Could secretly be " Stormy Daniels " ?? Or the daughter he doesn't want to date....??

I'm not living in US and don't really watch media... Few Tweets sufficed to realize that he's a stable genius. Is it not self-thinking?

Oh no, he's great. Even despite all the constant negative press covfefe...he's great.

You’re Going Down, Tim !

After you Tim, trails this way...

What did Tim do?

Tim knows...

hey tim, do you wanna go hiking?*revs up chainsaw*

There are those who call me... Tim.

Tim to die?

Poor Tim!

But I wanted to kill John too! 😟

Bye bye Tim….

Took me a second they took the E

What if Tim's not on the trail?

Then find Tim.

Can I please kill Carol too if I promise to kill Tim first?

Note to self: Don't go hiking with Tim!

Kill only time, maybe ?

🤣🤣🤣. I need an E here…anyone, anyone have an E !

If my name was Tim and my friends invited me on this hike, I'd take a rain check.

Spotted In The Eye Clinic

Googlie eyes make everything funny

there’s a store near where i live that has a sasquatch outline on their window, and they put googlie eyes on it which it thought was hilarious

Local liquor store had a cutout of Dwayne Johnson hawking booze. Someone put googly eyes on it best cutout ever.

Hahaha that sounds hilarious and terrifying

Adorable. The paper towels now look like the dispenser has an underbite!

Where are the glasses ?

But, shouldn't they have glasses. . .?

He's just keeping an eye on you....

Made me chuckle

How the people rebel against their parents when they say no skateboarding indoors

People who take the time to do these clever things that may or may not even be noticed should be running the world.

Ah Nice To Know

Good to man/woman left behind

Wouldn't bet on that in the UK

In England (maybe other countries), vans that normally carry expensive equipment have signs like ‘no equipment left in van overnight’ to deter thieves, it’s just a p**s take on that

This also led to (in Wigan at least where their residents are nicknamed “pie eaters”) signs saying “No pies left in this van overnight”

I never saw in my life an ambulance that dirty.

But also No promises

Well, if the hospital is full...

Got it…that’s for the morgue

Given the current state of the NHS this is sadly probably not true anymore...

Typically, patients aren't left on ambulances. Inside the ambulance though...

The NHS vehicle cleaning budget's been cut, I see. I hope the inside is cleaner.

I See A Man Of Culture Has Been Here

Note to self: Start carrying googly eyes.

Googly eyes make everything fun

I did this at a friends place once. They did a long holiday and I was visiting their place to look after their cats. Bought two fifty packs of googly eyes in different sizes and a roll of two sided tape. Went around the house sticking them to random things. Basically if there was a face it was fair game. Family portraits, pic of the cat, dude on the calendar (but several months in so they didn't find it straight away). Some bottles/cans with faces on them in the fridge and pantry. A couple random DVD covers. Made sure it was nothing that would be damaged of course. Gave them a laugh more than once because they obviously started finding them when they got back from the trip, but they were still finding them weeks or months later. Not sure whether they've got all of them yet to be honest.

When the acid kicks in.

For a second before I continued my scrolling, I thought she was rolling a joint.

I'm sorry, but what she's smoking definitely ain't weed... Those are not the eyes of a stoner.

How I look when I need to update my prescription.

Hardly surprising. A job like that would give anyone beady eyes.

My precious.

Anyone else terrified of this image? Just me? Okay.

I Drove By This Sign A Half Dozen Times Before Noticing

Nu-uh. I tried to smell Rose, she slapped me. Not doing that again.

My Rose would definitely slap you if you tried to smell her. She pulled my hair and punched my gut when I did it. More forgiving to strangers

The local town tried this. We had "Stop in the name of love" "Stop and smell the roses" and more. The state made them remove all the signs because they did not conform to code.

Very neatly done, but still very illegal vandalism. . .!

The subtle ones are always the best.

Tried to smell the roses but I instead inhaled the white stuff!

Clean After Your Elves

That's just basic human decency. Elves do make messes.

Yeah seriously have you seen Legolas's house?

Dobby is free now.

I feel like elves would install bidets and have air hand dryers

Santa should take notes

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Santa.

My elves are spotless.

Where's Dobby when you need him?

They can't be housebroken.

Damn it Hermione! I knew it was a bad idea freeing the elves!

What about the trolls?

That's why I can't take them anywhere .

Dammit Dobby. How many times have I told ya...

*bats the elves under the sofa*

but what if i am an elf?

Clean up after yourself then


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