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There is a website called Bad Interior Decorating which posts pics of, well, bad interior decorating submitted by members of the public. You can view it by clicking on:

Bored Panda recently published a selection, posted below, with BP titles and reader comments. You can visit the BP post by clicking on:


Reader comments:

I have enough of my own problems I don't need to know my butt's problems too I'm good

My butt tends to loudly tell me when it has problems.

gonna say a man sat on that first seat...

Why were you sitting naked on the toilet seat lid?

I actually like that toilet seat.

Nope - I love it. Hilarious and I want one 😝

It kinda sucks that it uncontrollably makes an image of your butt and whatever else you may have down there, because otherwise, it's an AWESOME looking seat.

Evan and Katelyn made this on their YouTube channel - it was hilarious!

Don't Be Like Lauren

Today I am gonna read the medium thick half high book!

Lauren is an idiot

Lauren only has books for show. She never actually reads them.

I see this trend on the home improvement shows all the time. This hurts me: books used as props. Just buy some fake books instead!

Does Lauren even read, because I swear someone who actually can read wouldn't do something this stupid, right?

*** The reason they place books backwards like that is because they don't have the licensing or whatever is legally needed to show that book title on TV. They also blur out pictures for the same reason. ***

“Can You Pass The Salt Before It Falls Into The Trough Again Please”

I feel this would make a much nicer outdoor table in a garden

It's not flowing water, it's epoxy resin. The "water" is a solid piece of plastic basically.

I had to get up and pee after looking at this post.

Someone actually thinks this is beautiful. Good on you. No thanks. But you enjoy.

And why are they assorted chairs? !

Studio Apartment

... with a moisty sponge for a mattress

...whereas in reality it's a bathroom with an attached single bed.

Honestly, I kinda admire the creativity and ABSOLUTE GALL of this person to describe it this way.

looks like a jail cell

The mould this would attract....

It's like my apartment when I lived in Japan.

And only $3500 a month!

There used to be "efficiency apartments" but this is taking that a little too far

Oyster Fireplace, Most Horrifying Thing I've Ever Seen

can you imagine the dust build up

I work in school that was built in 1912. The theater has very elaborately carved trim around the stage. Once a month we use a leaf blower to blast all the dust out of the crevices.

It's just a bunch of shells, but some reason it creeps me

That's going to sting if you fall into the corner of it.

It looks like a bunch of googly eyes and I've gotta say, it's mildly unsettling.

What the shell ?


TV Too High

Is it bad the inner cat in me wants to push it off ?

So the couch facing the bed . . . . . ?

That’s for the judges for when you have sex.

That bar must be a solid beam. Those things weighed a ton.

one of the various reasons not to sit on that couch

I kinda like that light purple color.

With everything going on there, the title only mentions the location of the TV??

Needs a trampoline

So Much Purple. So Much Of It

This is the visual equivalent of cooking a multi-course meal, but putting melted cheese in/on everything; the salad, the main course, the vegetables, the dessert, the drinks, the table, the napkins... Also, there is no center or focus, so it takes awhile to make sense of it.

except that putting melted cheese on everything is a good idea

What's wrong with this? It looks great!

Nothing is wrong with it, I love it!

Probably a Deep Purple fan. :-)

Maybe they are fans of Cadbury Chocolate.

That's in Brazil. It's a common thing here (I think it's horrible and corny btw).

I like for stuff to match but not every dang thing in the room! Lordy!

This Is Actually Carved Into A Hardwood Floor

That's a pretty good carving.

THAT is a crime against that hardwood flooring, artistic talent notwithstanding.

why is this bad interior decorating? this would be perfect in a log cabin with resin covering it

not being able to straighten those strings EVER, would drive me nuts.

That's amazing work.

Very well done and has a unique attractiveness. Is it lacquered?

This is actually an art installation in an art museum. But I'd say yes on my floor if the artist stopped by one day!

This Kitchen

I'm all for using scrap materials but particle board cracks apart so easily and cabinets get heavy wear. This is gonna be falling apart very quickly.

It is OSB not particle board - which is stronger than particle board but still tacky to look at. A huge amount of commercial cabinets do include particle board. (not saying that is a good thing). But I agree a solid wood - especially a quality hardwood - would be a lot stronger. But I have disassembled cabinets (some were well built / strong) that included a lot of particle board in places where they could get away with it.

I'm getting splinters just looking at this...

My thoughts as well. I would be terrified to let my grandchild in there!

Chip board. Keep it away from water or it swells, delaminates, and never really dries out. Basically turns to oatmeal.

I read this was contact paper and not actually particle board. Zero clue if its true or not. Looks like particle board to me.

I worked in an office that had walls like this on purpose to be trendy. I always hated it-- it felt unfinished and lazy.

It's a pimple on a boil - but the fridge door is on the wrong side as well. Looks like the opening side is jammed up against the wall.

Made A Bookshelf For My Brick Collection

This is a joke though

I'm a Bricky too. How long have you been collecting? Do you go to the shows and conventions? My favorite is the 1956 Harter Roter Backstein by Wienerberger AG. A true classic in both design and function.

They've got this backwards. Book shelf made of bricks, not brick shelf made of books.

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