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If you haven’t seen vehicles for various businesses with Jim’s face on them, you need to get out more. Starting off as Jim’s Mowing, Jim has diversified into other business fields, but still with his name and face prominently displayed.


About Jim:

David "Jim" Penman (1952 - ) is an Australian businessman and historian in the field of biohistory. He is the owner of Jim's Group, a lawn care service franchise. He has self-published books, based partially on his work with a lab he funds at La Trobe University, to make claims on predicting human culture and history based on the activities of mice. His books have been described as eugenics, drawing on racial stereotypes. Penman described his ideas as being classified as conservative liberalism and neoliberalism.


Further comments:

Penman commenced PhD degree studies at La Trobe University, under the supervision of June Philipp, who was part of a network of ethnographic historians called "the Melbourne Group"

His PhD thesis looked at character as a key to understanding history. Penman's thesis was initially rejected in 1981, although Penman's supervisor then suggested that he rewrite the methodology section of the thesis. Penman followed the suggestion, and the thesis was re-submitted in 1983 and subsequently accepted in April 1984.

After the completion of his PhD in 1983, Penman gradually turned his part-time lawn mowing business into a franchising business, focusing on setting up and selling lawn-mowing rounds and taking on sub-contractors.

After launching the franchise business in 1989, Penman expanded to include additional industries. The first addition was cleaning services, and by 2012 the franchise model had been adapted to over 30 service industries. 

As of 2023, Jim’s Group has over 5,200 franchisees in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Memes and Merchandise:

Various outlets sell t shirts, stick on labels and merchandise bearing Jim’s face as above, plus other businesses that are attributed to him –

an example:



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