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Airport Pranks

Airport pank:

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Australian couples’ awesome airport pranks

THIS couple has found a unique way of greeting each other at the airport with embarrassing signs, turning many heads in the process.

“IT’S so exciting because we are nervous when we get off the plane as we don’t know how embarrassed we might be.”  Ain’t love grand!  While many find long-distance relationships challenging, this Australian couple has found a unique way to lighten things up, and we’re loving it.

Robyn Thomas and her boyfriend Crin met in December last year and fell for each other very quickly. While Robyn is located in Brisbane, Crin is in Melbourne, so they’ve been spending most weekends flying over to see each other.  Gruelling and expensive, yes. But worth every penny, Robyn says. Especially when you get to greet your partner like this:

Yep, this is how Robyn met Crin when he got off his flight on the weekend, with a huge sign saying: “Even tho (sic) we’re cousins I still want to get married.”  The sign also received quite a lot of attention from shocked onlookers.  “Strangers looked at us very funny — it’s most awkward for the person holding the sign,” Robyn told “With this sign, I had to turn around and whisper that we weren’t actually cousins!”

And don’t worry, her partner makes sure to return the favour.  “Crin does a sign for me every time I fly into Melbourne — so it’s very even.”’’

 Their silly airport sign tradition all began the second time Robyn picked up Crin from the airport.

“We had watched American Pie the weekend before and I made him a greeting sign that said ‘Welcome home from band camp!’ and ever since then it has been a tradition,” Robyn said.

Here are a few of the other airport signs the lovebirds have greeted each other with:

• “Welcome home from Thailand, I hope you enjoy your implants!”

• “Hope you enjoyed school camp, Daddy missed you!”

• “I hope your anal colonoscopy went well!’

• “Thank gosh you’re back, your dad’s been a terrible substitute!”

• “You’re right, you are bigger than your brother!”

And it appears there will be many more airport prank signs in their future, with the couple planning to embark on a round-the-world trip in a few months.  “Totally wasn’t expected to fall head over heals for my brother’s best mate — but the world works in mysterious ways,” Robyn said of their relationship. “We both want the same things, to travel and live life to the fullest. I had a round-the-world trip planned before we had met to depart this year — and we were so crazy about each other that a week into our relationship he decided to join me on a trip around the world.  Next minute, flights were booked and his passport was ordered and we were going around the world. People think we are crazy but we figured there is no better way to get to know a person.”

 The couple’s travel plans begin in June. They are travelling to 22 countries starting in the US. They will then head to Canada and through South America then to Europe, South Africa and ending up in Egypt. They plan to write about their adventures on their travel blog Two World Wanders.

Story: Kate Schneider

My suggestions for future signs:

“It’s okay, baby, it WAS only a rash.”

“Darling, I’m not pregnant so now you don’t need to leave."

“Robyn - So what if you love Trump, I still love you.” 

Another famous airport prank:

The story, as told by the pranksters at:

Having six hours to kill in any airport is murder.  So we decided to liven it up.  Whilst waiting for our flight back to Sydney, we'd go and sit on the balcony at Terminal 3 at Heathrow, directly under one of the speakers where the roof is low for maximum acoustic effects.  We put a digital tape recorder in our bag with the microphone poking out of the top.  We'd look for a flight that had arrived in the last 40 minutes from somewhere where you'd expect foreign names, then write a letter saying,  "Pick up passenger so and so, from flight etc, destination etc."  That way, it looked like the limo had been arranged in advance as the flight arrival details and the motel name was written on the note. We wore an ID-style badge that we'd received at a recent conference so that we'd looked like limo drivers. One of us would ask airport administration to make an announcement calling for our passenger and then the other did the second.  We'd pretend to be unable to pronounce it and then hand them the bit of paper with the name written on it to administration.

Long winded, but well worth it!

Looks Like
Reads Like
Arheddis Varkenjaab and Aywellbe 
I hate this fucking job, and I will be fired
Arhevbin Fayed and Bybeiev Rhibodie
I've just been fired, and bye-bye everybody
Aynayda Pizaqvick and Malexa Kriest
I need a piss quick, and my legs are crossed
Awul Dasfilshabeda and Nowaynayda 
Oo-ah, that's better and now I need a shit
Makollig Jezvahted and 
Levdaroum DeBahzted
My colleague just farted, and left the room, the bastard
Steelaygot Maowenbach and Tuka 
Still, I got my own back and took a piss in his tea

An hour before our flight left, the poms had finally caught on.  About time.  They actually threatened to arrest us as apparently they'd actually had complaints!

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