Monday, April 9, 2018

Quote for the Day

A young Russell Crowe, working as a waiter in Sydney, once gave an American customer a mug of hot water instead of a decaffeinated coffee. He was sacked for his response to the woman’s complaint: 

"Lady, when we decaffeinate coffee in Australia we don't fuck around. 

Bonus Crowe call: 

In 2002 Crow was to be presented with the Silver Heart award by the British Variety Club. A speaker for the Variety Club made an introductory speech and listed past recipients, including the last recipient, Joan Collins. Upon hearing this, Crow refused to leave his seat, declaring: 

"Joan Collins? You can stick your silver heart up your arse, mate!'' 

There was some laughter, but Variety Club officials were reportedly "furious''. A guest remembered, "There were a few laughs from several people in the audience. But the Variety Club man looked absolutely livid." A spokesman for London's Everyman Cinema confirmed that the event took place, adding "I can't speak for the Variety Club, but we were actually very pleased that Russell Crowe agreed to attend our event. Russell did seem to get offended when the Joan Collins reference was made, but afterwards he behaved brilliantly and joined us all for a few beers."

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