Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Pejac is the handle of a Spanish artist, Silvestre Santiago, who has made it his mission to travel the world bringing his messages to the people via street art.  Pejac started painting on walls after becoming  annoyed with the asttitude of his art teacher towards art.   Pejac’s paintings adorn walls in Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, London and Milan.  According to him: 
“Both melancholy and humour are the locomotive of my works. They create a poetic language whose essence doesn’t rely on simple beauty, but on the hidden side of everything.  People’s reactions make me go on. Adult life is pure inertia, which seem to be broken only by bad news or incentives, and if I can make people think, it all makes sense.”

 Recently Pejac carried out two new works in New York City.  The first, called “Fossil”, suggests a future where the only memory of nature is the fossilized appearance of a tree on a brick wall. The effect is achieved simply shading some of the bricks of the wall:

The second work, Inner Power, located in Chinatown, continues the theme but suggests (according to Pejac) “another hypothetical future in which nature breaks the barriers imposed by the hand of man, recovering the lost ground along the way” . . .

Some more Pejac:

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