Monday, April 9, 2018

Big Things, Part 1

Australia is a big country, as this overlay shows: 

Consistent with being a big country, Australians have a fascination with public big things. Some are good, some are cringeworthy, but they all show that in the minds of at least some, size does matter. 

Here is a selection from New South Wales, more to come plus others in future from the other states . . . 

Caution: some risque content included.

The Big Ant
Broken Hill, NSW. 
A bull ant sculpture designed by artist Pro Hart, which was erected in 1980 and originally stood at the Stephens Creek Hotel. It was moved to its current location, next to the Tourist Information Centre in Broken Hill, after being donated to the city in 1990. 

The Big Avocado
Tropical Fruit World, Duranbah, NSW. 

The Big Banana
Coffs Harbour, NSW. 
Sometimes claimed to be the first Big Thing in Australia, dating from 1964, the Big Banana tourist complex includes a banana-themed souvenir shop, tours of the surrounding plantation and an indoor ski slope. 

The Big Funnel Web Spider
Jamberoo, NSW. 
The Big Funnel Web Spider was built at Jamberoo Action Park located 20 minutes south of Wollongong and is a steel, fibreglass and concrete structure 420 times larger than a female Sydney funnel-web spider. It was awarded a Guinness World Record as the Largest Spider Sculpture in August 2015. 

The Big Gold Panner
Bathurst, NSW. 
The Big Gold Panner sits outside The Big Gold Panner Motor Inn, on the Great Western Highway in Bathurst, NSW. He has been looking into his pan for colour since 1979. So far, no luck.

The Big Golden Guitar
Tamworth, NSW. 
The Big Golden Guitar is modelled on the Golden Guitar trophies given to winners at the Country Music Awards of Australia ceremony night during the Tamworth Country Music Festival. 

The Big Knight
Knockrow (between Byron Bay and Ballina), NSW. 
The Big Knight is located at the entrance to the Macadamia Castle, a tourist attraction offering a variety of activities including an animal park, cafĂ©, retail store, mini golf, flying fox, adventure treehouse playground and more. 

The Big Hammer
Mudgee, NSW. 
Located at Fairview Artspace in Mudgee is a Tig Crawley's artwork "Water Hammer". This installation is located in the front garden and has a beautiful view of Mudgee and the countryside. It's a big hit. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one, but I do think that that comment nailed it).

The Big Headphones
Newcastle, NSW. 
The Big Headphones is located on Darby Street and is fully operational. 

The Big Kookaburra
Kurri Kurri, NSW. 
The Nig Kookaburra, a 4.5 metre sculpture, was erected in 2009 to celebrate Hydro Aluminium’s 40th year in the area. Hydro Aluminium is a Norwegian company that has projects in more than 50 countries. The aluminium plant closed in 2012 but the kookaburra remains. 

The Big Merino
Goulburn, NSW. 
The Big Merino is a 15.2 metres (50 ft) tall concrete merino ram, located in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. Nicknamed "Rambo" by locals, the Big Merino contains a gift shop on the ground floor and a wool display on the second floor. Visitors can climb to the top and look out through the Merino's eyes to view the local area. The Big Merino was officially opened on 20 September 1985. In 1992, the Hume Highway bypassed Goulburn, which resulted in a loss of 40 busloads of tourists to the Big Merino complex per day. On 26 May 2007, the Big Merino was moved to a location closer to the Hume Highway to increase visitor numbers, and is now located near the freeway interchange at a service station. 

The Big Merino should probably also have the honour for Australia’s Biggest Cods (cojones, for those overseas) . . . 

In 2014, the family jewels turned blue. . . 

Ewe You would be forgiven for attributing this to 33 years without so much as a look at a female sheep, but in reality it was part of a campaign by the Charity Blue September to raise awareness of the need to check for prostate and testicular cancer. . . 

To come . . .
The Big Orange, the Big Murray Cod, the Big Playable Guitar, the Big Oyster, the Big Dinosaur, the Big Poo, and many more.

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