Monday, April 2, 2018

Readers Write and Brett's Monthly


Readers Write . . .

From Graham E, in response to the trivia item about Greeks creating stone statues and monuments, called herma, that showed a head of the god on a column and male genitalia part of the way down the column:

Is the story of the Greek Gods where the expression getting your rocks off originated?

Thanks, Graham.

Also from Graham E, in response to the PR fail about #susanalbumparty, where I mentioned that Susan Boyle had won Britain’s Got Talent:

Susan Boyle did not win the 2009 BGT, it was won by a dance group called Diversity, she was second.

Thanks, Graham, I stand corrected.

From Tobye P in respect of the dam climbing goats:

Hi Otto, so is the lichen on the dam tastier? Or do they not distinguish between the dam and the mountains? That is amazing-as is all below!
Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend.
Regards, Tobye

Thanks, Tobye.  My understanding is that the goats are mainly attracted by the salts on the rocks.

From Kara O in response to the post on Neke Carson and his technique of painting with a brush up his butt, which he called Rectal Realism:

Oh no Otto
I really wish I hadn't opened bites today.
At least I can take satisfaction in the fact that this goes a long way toward proving my personal theory that a huge proportion of so called 'art' today really is a load of kak, uitwerpsel, schijt, enz.

Thanks. Kara.

From Charlie Z in response to the beautiful portraits of women from the 1920s and earlier:

Pretty ladies... all older than I! And I don’t recall any of them from the movies of my youth! I do remember Jane Russel in The Outlaw and Marilyn Monroe’s first bit part. I never have seen Stormy Daniels flicks though!
Keep byting!

Thanks, Charlie.

Brett’s Monthly:

As he does every month. Brett B of the US sent me his list of coming special days for April.  Click on the blue ones to open the link . . . 

April, 2018 Bizarre and Unique Holidays

  • National Humor Month
  • International Guitar Month
  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • Lawn and Garden Month
  • National Kite Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • National Pecan Month
  • National Welding Month
  • Records and Information Management Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Weekly Celebrations:
  • Week 1 Library Week
  • Week 1 Read a Road Map Week.
  • Week 2 Garden Week
  • Week 3 Organize Your Files Week
  • Week 3 Medical Labs Week
  • Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week
  • Week 4 National Karaoke Week
April, 2018 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:
Easter Sunday - date varies
Dyngus Day always the Monday after Easter
Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day - we know your decision
6 .National Walk to Work Day - first Friday of month
Plan Your Epitaph Day - a little morbid if you ask me
Caramel Popcorn Day - Most likely created by a popcorn maker, or an Ecard company.
11 Eight Track Tape Day - do you remember those?
12 Big Wind Day - this day blows me away!
13 Blame Someone Else Day - first  Friday the 13th of the year.
14 Look up at the Sky Day - don't you have anything better to do?
15 Income Taxes Due (most years, it's on the 15th)
16 Easter Date varies
16 Patriot's Day - third Monday of the month 
18 International Juggler's Day - also applies to multi tasking office workers
19 National High Five Day third Thursday
21 Husband Appreciation Day - third Saturday in April
23 National Zucchini Bread Day - they hold this at a time when you are not sick of all that zucchini.
26 Take Your Daughter to Work 4th Thursday
27 Arbor Day  -last Friday of month
28 Kiss Your Mate Day - guys, do not forget this one. Kiss her, then read her some poetry.

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