Thursday, July 12, 2018

In case you missed it . . .


Rude notes on Woolworths’ chicken: 

(Some background:  Despite similar names, the Australian Woolworths Group has no affiliation with the F.W. Woolworth Company in the United States, the now-defunct Woolworths Group in the UK or the South African chain of retail stores, Woolworths Holdings Limited. The Australian company began trading in 1924 and registered the name Woolworths, after the American stores, when it was discovered that the name was not registered in NSW). 

Shoppers were shocked to see that someone had written the word “Shit” on boxed of fried chicken for sale at Woolworths: 


After someone posted a pic on Reddit of the offending boxes, other people posted an explanation that the notations indicated the time the chicken was cooked and packed - 7:45 – but that looked at upside down it reads “Shit”. 

The jury is still out on whether that is accurate or whether a disgruntled employee was expressing an opinion. 




Imagine waking up one morning and discovering a BFP (big aeroplane) in a nearby muddy field. That is what happened to the villagers of Chai Nat in Thailand: 

According to one villager: “At first I thought it might have run out of fuel and stopped in the field. I’ve never even been on an aeroplane so it was big surprise. I could not believe it.’” 

It turns out that the landowner had bought the decommissioned 747 with the intention of turning it into a tourist attraction. 



Size matters: 

I love this one.

A group of lads from Glasgow booked a holiday letting in Croatia, attracted by the pics that showed a full size pool table. Indeed, that is why they booked this particular letting: 

When they arrived, their expectation of some serious pool was shortlived: 

Well, they say pool is about the angles. 



Stupidity knows no bounds: 

Maho Beach at Princess Juliana International Airport is famous for the low flying planes that land at the airport. A difficult landing site, it is made even more deadly by tourists gathering at the beach to experience the noise, turbulence and vibration of the massive airliners as they land and as they take off: 

That is why two acrobatic tourists have drawn widespread criticism for their stunt: 

According to the female tourist The one on top of the guy's head): 
“A lot of people were taking pictures with a plane above their heads but we had some idea to make something cool. After a few tries, we managed to perform it as the plane arrived, but we didn’t expect it to be so big and so close to us. It didn’t touch my feet but I felt so much air from the plane and I lost my balance. It was so much fun and exciting but it was only after I realised how dangerous it was.” 



On yer bike: 

And for those unaware, the bike share companies Ofo, oBike and Reddy Go are set to depart Australian shores. 

After one year of ops, Chinese-owned Ofo has announced it will be withdrawing from Australia within two months. Singaporean company oBike launched in Australia a few months before Ofo did last year, but last month it revealed it would leave the Melbourne market. It’s parent company has also gone into liquidation. Australian-owned Reddy Go also revealed it would likely be departing from Sydney. Industry information research company, IBISWorld, said while bike share companies are popular in Europe and China, they have failed in Australia thanks to local laws, vandalism, complaints about misplaced bikes, and data collection concerns. 


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