Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Did Her Maj troll POTUS? 

We all know that her Maj is strictly neutral in political matters, but one twitter user has suggested that she was sending out a subtle message via her choice of brooches during President Trump’s visit to the UK. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but given that she must have thousands of brooches to chose from and an army of dressers and advisers, it makes sense to me . . . 

Brooch 1: 

On the day of the arrival of POTUS and FLOTUS, Her Maj had an audience at Windsor Castle with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tayeb. The brooch worn was one gifted to the Queen by Barack and Michelle Obama, purchased out-of-pocket by therm and given to Her Maj as a personal gift. 

Brooch 2: 

On Day 2 Her Maj met with the President and First Lady and posed for photographs. The brooch worn on that occasion was famously worn by the Queen Mother at Her Maj’s father's funeral. 

Brooch 3: 

On Day 3 of the UK visit by the Trumps, the Queen met with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium at Windsor Castle. The brooch worn was the Sapphire Jubilee Snowflake Brooch, a gift from the Canadian people. 

So what say you, was Queen Liz throwing sjhade at the Donald?



Some internet memes about the Presidential visit     :


Who wore it better?

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