Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Yamada Zenjidou


Yamada Zenjidou is a Japanese artist who writes haiku-like poems (they are not the strict 5-7-5 haiku syllable structure) that are sometimes witty, sometimes funny but usually quite true. He couples them with his drawings. Here is a selection:


I stop to fix my hair in a window reflection 

Then I realise 

Someone is watching from the other side. 


In the electronics store 

I barely touched it, and it died 

So I quickly walked on. 


The automatic door sensor 

Doesn’t seem to be working, even though I tried everything 

Oh, you have to push the button. 


Those samples look really delicious 

I badly want to try one, but that would be uncool 

So I pretend I’m not interested. 


On a ground floor balcony where everyone can see him 

Shouldn’t that old guy be a little 

Less relaxed? 


At the designer clothing shop 

I’m shocked by the prices 

But I put on an “oh, this is usual” face, then quickly leave. 


Driving by myself 

Singing along to my favorite song, 

I realize later that the window was open. 


Whenever I wash something 


I have to pee. 


For the first time 

I hear how my voice sounds to other people 

And it’s depressing. 


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