Monday, July 30, 2018

In Case You Missed It . . .

The following item from the Daily Mail about design fails is worth a reprint but caution, there are some risqué aspects. 


Woman shares photo of herself in a swimsuit to warn others to 'try before you buy' - so can YOU see what's wrong with it?


A shopper has shared an unfortunate photo of her trying on a swimsuit in a bid to warn others to 'try before you buy.' The $30 H&M swimsuit covered in palm trees left the woman from the Philippines with an unfortunate black patch over her crotch. Observers picked up on the mishap as soon as she shared the photo online. One commenter said: 'There's a bush in the trees.'\\

The $30 H&M swimsuit covered in palm trees left the woman, from the Philippines, with an unfortunate black patch over her crotch.

Another said: 'Aren't you supposed to trim up before you wear a bathing suit?'  And a third joked: 'Keeping it au naturel... nothing wrong with that!'

The shopper, who asked not to be named, told FEMAIL: 'Whenever I try something on, I always get 2-3 pieces of the same thing, same size because in H&M the position of the prints for the clothes are always different. Some look prettier than others.  She added: 'I was originally drawn to it because the print looked pretty, but then there's that one detail that ruined the swimsuit.'  FEMAIL has contacted H&M for comment.

It comes after a series of hilarious images compiled by BoredPanda showed not-so savvy shoppers and their biggest clothing blunders.

A hilarious selection of images has revealed some of the world's worst clothing fails including this awkward Leaning Tower of Pisa print which appears rather phallic:

This slogan was clearly meant to read 'Don't Worry Be Happy', however poor word placement makes it appear a rather more pessimistic message.

This heavy metal t-shirt is rather contradictory to the soft-spoken artist it is promoting.

Unfortunately placed patterns bear a resemblance to something far ruder much to the wearers horror.  In one case a Leaning Tower of Pisa pattern sits awkwardly on the crotch of the wearer appearing to represent something more phallic.  In other instances a somewhat splotchy pattern leaves the wearer looking as though they are a victim of an unfortunate accident. Poor typography has also left shoppers open to awkward fashion fails, with poorly positioned wording coming off as either confusing or extremely offensive.

These socks are adorable before they actually make their way onto your feet where they look a little less cute.

It would be ill-advised for anyone to wear this hoodie out in public as the pattern resembles an anti-semitic message.  

Unfortunately, due to the angle of this photo, this woman appears to be encouraging others to take part in a  sexual act rather than an specialty brew.    

This rather unfortunate printed t-shirt includes every last detail of the photo used - including the image file name.

As it was a cold day, this man decided to layer up, however, it seems that Buddy the Elf was keen to make his escape

The print on these Where's Wally leggings sees the characters hand emerge from somewhere it really shouldn't. 

Viewers compared the pocket design on this news reader's top to a pair of breasts.

These shorts are unlikely to fly off the shelves thanks to the rather unfortunate floral pattern on the crotch.

A mother had been wearing this tropical print vest completely unaware of the nude woman hidden among the hibiscus flowers.

Just two hours before his Christmas party this employee noticed that the unicorn on his sweater is rather well endowed.

The sloth on this pair of shorts has decided to take shelter in a rather intimate area.

These boxers were supposed to read '100% Animal'  but as luck would have it, they say something a little more suggestive.

The positioning of the flower on this dress resembles a rather intimate part of the anatomy.

This man named Brodie Jonas received this t-shirt from his well-meaning grandmother.

It seems that this woman is completely oblivious to the fact that her dress looks as though she has had a terrible accident.

The flesh coloured love heart design on these leggings appear rather gruesome pattern choice.

While the jumper is meant to read 'Saturday' the woman's posing position makes it look like something less savoury .

Thanks to the unusual design on his t-shirt this man looks as though he is a fan of over size underwear.

Due to the poor layout of this slogan it seems to give out a rather negative message to shoppers.

Unfortunately, due to the angle of this photo, a 'Canada' slogan top appears to read as something less tasteful.

This vest top was intended to say 'Wild heart' however a busy design makes it look more like 'Will fart’.

This cheeky gnome seems to have made himself at home in a particularly intimate area of these leggings.

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