Saturday, March 7, 2020

Comment for the Day

Usually this segment is called either Quote of the Day or Thought for the Day.

Today it is called Comment for the Day because I am posting something that Byter Philip C sent me in response to my item about Australians on the east coast going gaga over the binge buying and hoarding of toilet paper, a bizarre reaction to the coronavirus epidemic.  Toilet paper disputes in supermarkets have led to arguments, a knife being pulled on another shopper and one person even being tasered in another dispute.  Toilet paper is being sold for exorbitant prices on the internet.

Here is Philip's contribution to that issue:

Hi Otto,

Re: toilet paper. 

Today I had a finished roll with that last piece of paper still glued to the cardboard. Took it out to our recyc bin (which was collected this morning) and put a for sale sign on it "only $1". No takers though, so Aussies are not that desperate.

All the best Philip

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