Thursday, March 5, 2020

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy . . . Toilet Paper and More

"I’d never been embarrassed to be related to anyone until today when I found out my mother is one of the Australians bulk buying toilet paper."
-Iggy Azalea
Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, resident in the US

Apparently we have become a laughing stock worldwide because of our obsession with binge-buying of toilet paper due to fear of the coronavirus, of being coronaed, as my wife Kate has termed it.

The buying: 

Residents in Sydney have besieged supermarkets and other commercial outlets to stock up on food and other items, as though the zombie apocalypse has happened and we need to barricade ourselves in our homes. 

Stores have been denuded of flour, rice, pastas, hand sanitiser and . . . toilet paper (???) . . .  the shelves looking like this: 

Woolworths Parramatta was put into lockdown when a knife was produced by a woman during a dispute over toilet paper. 

To paraphrase an old saying, you don't bring a knife to a toilet paper fight.

Not only toilet paper is being binge-bought and hoarded ; 

The silly part: 

The coronavirus does not cause bowel problems, persons ioronaed get flu like symptoms which can lead to chest problems and pneumonia, not lower down. 

Furthermore, the toilet paper manufacturers are located in Australia and have repeatedly advised that there is plenty available, that there is no need to buy in bulk and hoard. 

The memes: 

In this day of instant news dissemination, it doesn’t take long for memes and humour about situations to also be distributed world wide quicker than it takes Donald Trump to fire off a tweet about something that annoys him. 

Here are some . . .

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