Friday, May 2, 2014

Funny Friday

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Last Friday was Anzac Day so there was no Funny Friday. Regular readers will have gone a fortnight without some byting humour in their lives. Fear not, Funny Friday is back, this time with exam answers that cracked me up. Are they real or staged? I don’t know, I would like to believe that they are real. See if you enjoy them as much as I did . . .

Caution: some risque language

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More exam answers in future Bytes.

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Corn Corner:

My son just came downstairs looking a little concerned, he said "I've got my exams coming up dad, I don't think I know enough."

"Don't worry son" I reassured, "let's try a bit of last minute revision."

"Ok" he said, "Well I was upstairs thinking I didn't know enough, then I came downstairs and started talking to you."


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I took some magic mushrooms before my exams. I thought if I got high and took the test high I would get high marks.

I hope I did well, I ended up copying off of the unicorn next to me.

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I walked into the room when my son was watching Lord of the Rings earlier. He turned around and said, "I love pretending I don't have exams and watching Lord of the Rings."

"You shall not pass!" I replied.

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