Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Miscellany – Some Odds, Ends and Personals

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(For the benefit of overseas readers, Yass is a town about 280 km southwest of Sydney).

The post about Oz Signs (more pics to come) elicited a couple of comments:

From Lapun Pinis:

Otto, Clearly Robert has spent some time in this part of the world. I recognize a number of the signs. Maybe he missed the most ridiculous of them all:

Tourists often ask why on earth the concerned people here don’t educate them to walk slower!
Lapun Pinis

Thanks amigo.  The above sign is outside of Cairns, Queensland. The loss of cassowaries, a large flightless bird smaller than an emu and an ostrich, is of concern in that the Southern cassowary is an endangered species, studies having shown that 55% of the ones that have died were killed by motor vehicles. Cyclone Yasi in 2011 wiped out 10% of the cassowary population.

From Sue:

Loved them all, but "soup of the day" made me laugh out loud!  
Reminds me of some Aussie jokes such as
Why do men pee outside at Aussie parties? Because someone is throwing up in the toilet...

Thanks, Sue.

Ahh, the Australian male jokes. Of the ones I recall, the one able to be posted and worth posting is:

Q: What is the Australian male’s idea of foreplay?
A: “Are you awake, love?”

(I mentioned this joke some years ago at a vvq where a group of us were sitting around the table at the end. One woman responded “I’d be lucky to get that. Usually I just get...”  She then snapped her fingers and pointed at her groin).

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The Vegemite post brought some comments as well:

From Arthur:

Hi Otto 
I never knew that vegemite had so many good qualities. I am not a true fan of Vegemite, to be honest, but have had some of the stuff over the years. 
Have a nice day.

Thanks, amigo.

From Kerrie:

Kerrie commented in respect of mystatementthat I can’t stand the stuff:

I always knew there was something strange about you.

Sorry, Kerrie, it’s vile.  How anyone can eat it is beyond me. I love a lot of stuff that my wife doesn’t like, part of my Dutch origins and upbringing – double salted Dutch liquorice, rollmops, pickled herring, blood sausage – but I draw the line at Vegemite.

Thanks anyway, Kez.

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(Maureen, your comment on trams will be posted tomorrow).

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