Friday, May 9, 2014

Funny Friday

Byter Sue sent me yesterday a link to a post called “The 34 greatest dad jokes. Jokes so bad, you can’t help but love them.” Thanks Sue, just in time for Funny Friday. Some of the jokes are printed below, those who want to visit the site can do so by clicking on:

Before looking at dad humour, let me share with you a moment when son Eliot turned 18 a couple of years ago.  My recollection is that I mentioned this in Bytes at the time but dads like to repeat stories that embarass their kids.

Elliot, his mum Kate, his brother Thomas, myself and Elliot's gf Maddy went out to dinner that night to a swish place, the buffet at Sheraton on the Park, to celebrate the milestone birthday. 

At the table I told Elliot how proud we were of him and how much he was loved, then gave him his present.

He unwrapped the parcel and found two ties.

They were part of a bunch I had been given by someone whose husband had passed away some years ago and they had been hanging in a wardrobe at that lady's house. I had hund them over a hook at the isde of a bookcase and there they had remained for a few years;

I picked out the ugliest two I could find. They were wide, one had a golf club pattern and the other featured fluorescent roosters.

It was obvious that Elliot didn’t like them, although he tried to hide it, thanking me for the gift as he kept staring at them and tried to get his psyche around receiving them on his 18th birthday. He didn’t like the ties but didn’t want to hurt my feelings either.

Eventually he siad to me in a plaintive, soft voice: Wait, is this a joke?” and I replied in the same soft voice, “Yes.”

Gees it was funny.

That’s what dads do.

* * * * *

Some dad humour from Sue’s site, below.

Does anyone recognise others, or themselves, in any of them?

* * * * *

Given that many of the items above would qualify for Corn Corner, I am going to go with a couple of word play limericks to finish off:

She frowned and called him Mr.
Because he fondly kr.
And so for spite
That very night
That Mr. kr. sr.

Her birthday loomed high as a mt.
Of youth she could not find the ft.
When asked re her yrs.
She fought back the trs.
And said, "39... but who's ct.?"

* * * * * * * * *

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