Monday, April 20, 2015

Quote for the Day

"There are no true friends in politics. We are all sharks circling, and waiting, for traces of blood to appear in the water."

 - Alan Clark (1928-1999)

British Conservative Member of Parliament, historian and diarist. He served as a junior minister in Margaret Thatcher's governments at the Departments of Employment, Trade and Defence, and became a privy counsellor in 1991. 

(Btw moment: Clark was cited in a divorce case in South Africa, in which it was revealed he had had affairs with Valerie Harkess, the wife of a South African barrister (and part-time junior judge), and her daughters Josephine and Alison. After sensationalist tabloid headlines, Clark's wife Jane remarked upon what Clark had called "the coven" with the line: "Well, what do you expect when you sleep with below stairs types?", and referred to her husband as an "S, H, one, T".)

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