Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cake Fails

Always be careful in giving instructions for cake messages or in asking for a cake to be copied from a picture . . . 

MY contribution:

My office has a tradition whereby birthdays are celebrated with a cake and a monetary gift voucher to which each person has contributed. We suspend work for a short period to celebrate the birthday, eat cake and chat. Some years ago a senior member of our office, Roz, who has been with me many, many years, told everyone that she did not want a cake for her birthday because she was on a diet. I protested that it was tradition to have a cake but she remained adamant, saying that if we got a cake she would be very annoyed. Son Thomas was sent to buy a cake anyway from the local small cake shop, with a note as to the message to be put on the top. The person he spoke to was a little old lady who dutifully did her best, but the calligraphy left a lot to be desired and the spelling was incorrect. Still, the message was there. We gathered in my office, called Roz in and wished her happy birthday with a cake . . .

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