Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More about Murals and some Graffiti Wisdom


My daughter pointed out to me that the building art I posted yesterday featured the same house twice, so that they are quite probably photoshopped:

My apologies, mea culpa.

Whilst talking of street art, did anyone else see the news item about the removal of a street art mural at the Vatican? 

The mural showed Pope Francis as a graffiti artist using peace symbols to play noughts and crosses, whilst a Swiss guard checked for passers by. It was made by street artist Mauro Pallotta, who signs his work "Maupal", and consisted of painted paper made in his studio and applied to the wall with glue and lacquer. I use the past tense because the Vatican authorities. Known as the "Decorum Squad of the City of Rome", who blasted the artwork off the wall with high-pressure water sprays.

Criticism has been directed to the Decorum Squad, known locally as "the decorum cops", for removing popular art while unsightly graffiti remains on many buildings and garbage piles up because of a collection backlog.

Last year, the decorum cops removed Pallotta's image of the Pope as Superman taking off into the air and carrying a black briefcase bearing the word “valores,” Spanish for values.

Mauro Pallotta with previous mural


Some graffiti wisdom . . .

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