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I recently posted 2 instalments of photographs entitled Beautiful and Unusual Architecture which had been emailed to me by Byter Anthony Z. zSome readers sent me emails commenting on the beauty shown and asking for more.

About the same time, I came across a Bored Panda post which contained a selection of photographs from a reddit site called ‘the beautiful impossibilities that we want to live in’, subtitled ‘architecture porn’, and it can be viewed at:

The Bored Panda link is at:

It goes by the heading ‘50 Times Architects Put In The Effort To Make Something Extra Special And Succeeded’

The following headings, pics and selected reader comments are from that Bored Panda, more instalments to follow.


By the way, I received the following correction from David D in New York:
Thank you very much for your wonderful daily blog.
Please note that the Niagara Mohawk Building (the Art Deco beauty in today’s Bytes Daily) [03.03.2023 – Otto] is located in upstate Syracuse, NY not New York City.
Thanks David


The Royal Portuguese Cabinet Of Reading, Rio De Janeiro

it makes me actually wanna go there and actually read

my dream bedroom

What an enchanting room for bibliophiles!

This is my idea of Heaven - if it's next to a taproom with a zillion different craft beers available

I want to live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

almost everybody find this building beautiful, I find it overwhelming and like a tombstone.

How do you reach the books? very long ladder? with a drone?

This is how all libraries should look

What happens when you take a warehouse and layer the walls with a 9 to 12 inch layer of paper? It looks nice but what a waste of space

Hohenzollern Castle, The Ancestral Seat Of The Imperial House Of Hohenzollern, Built On A Hilltop Overlooking The Autumn Forest And The Villages Beyond, Bisingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Now that is a castle

5 gatehouses. Somebody really didn't want Jehova’s Witnesses knocking on the door!

Actually, it's not a "real castle". It's more a fancy residential building than a fortress. Indeed, it was built less than 200 years ago over the ruins of the real castle.

Are you conflating it with Neuschwanstein, the fairy castle which inspired Disney? It WAS massively rebuilt in the mid 1800s, but it most definitely is a fortress, even if it wasn't rebuilt with military strategy in mind.

that's just Hogwarts

Everyone always wants to see Neuschwanstein. There are not many tourists who know there are fare more beautiful castles in Germany.

And Neuschwanstein was never completed.

Silly question: when did they build the spiral driveways up to the castle? Are those sections totally new, or did someone say, Hey. we could squeeze a driveway in here? If they are brand new, are those also new gates?

Rebuilt and different architecture then the original, around 1850 Burg Hohenzollern is for some an expression of the romantic spirit of all times and shows the ideal image of the time of the Middle Ages. For others, the castle is a result of the political power of the ruler of Prussia, who wanted to see his ancestors' castle rebuilt.

Golden Bridge In Da Nang, Vietnam

Oh no, all I can hear in my head now is, Robin Williams singing Viva Da Nang in an Elvis accent now.

Da Nang me, Da Nang me, they aught ta take a rope and hang me!

🎵 He’s got the whole bridge, in his hands 🎵

Giant zombie hands breaking through the ground

What a fascinating and really unique structure. I actually quite like it.

I’ve been there

been there when I was 10 years old, too foggy. Couldn't see a thing.

Don’t look down, if you do you would see these gigantic Hands are attached to the biggest troll you would ever see, matter of fact the last Troll you would ever see                                 
How come everyone is so poor in Vietnam if they can afford things like this? Or is that a different Asian country? Indonesia maybe?

Around 10% of Vietnam is below the poverty line so not "everyone" is poor. It's economy is 36th in the world and it is growing.

Sumela Monastery In Trabzon, Turkey

It is so hard to contemplate how people were able to build this.

And now they can’t even build an apartment complex up to code. It shows the impact greed has on architecture.

This almost looks as if it was carved into the cliff.

How many people must have died, building this?!?

19th Century Italianate Orangery Of The Castle Ashby House, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England

What a lovely space for relaxing.

If you can afford the heating, that is...

With some tea, a good book, a pillow, and a lap blanket then crash I right there in front of that pond is where you'd find me every day!☕📚📖🥰

I could see myself reclined on a chaise, sipping something refreshing, while reading a wonderful book.

This reminds me how I really needed to have been born filthy stinking rich.

Was Snow’s palace in Hunger games filmed here? 🤔

I was thinking the same thing🤔

Strasbourg, France

So beautiful

And colorful

Like a scene straight out of a fairytale.

I went to Strasbourg and didn’t have the chance to see it 😭😭😭😭😭

Ah, the syphilis district - loved it! Tried baeckeoffe here for the first time, and tarte flambee...

Le appartement est très bon

I've lived three years in Strasbourg, 400 m from this place

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