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There is a website called Science Memes which has. . . well. . . memes about science. Access it at:

Bored Panda has posted some of the funnier ones, the memes below and some reader comments coming from the Bored Panda website


What if I bite it and it bites me and we both die? 
You are in Australia.

Juno deserves the truth y'all 

Scientists have a sense of humor too. Nerd humor is awesome because only other nerds are in on the joke.

Kind of sorry to my friend named Juno..

Now Juno will want a divorce

“You know how all of Jupiter’s moons are named after his lovers and affairs?” You’re assuming I know more about both space and Roman mythology than I actually do.

So ... Now Juno the rest of the story.

How can bacteria go viral?

Correction : this needs to go bacterial :)))

Watch out folks, I think rats may have evolved past humans

Exhibit A: humans repeatedly put a rat into a restrictive cage just to observe another rat trying to effect a rescue ...

Humans are always so shocked when other animals show empathy and compassion... Every. Single. Time. Silly silly humans.

I might under fire for saying this, but I really, really wish people would stop using animals for experiments. It's disgusting and cruel

I agree with you in general, however in this case the rats were not physically harmed. The experiment shows that animals have morals. That shows furthermore that you do not need religion to be moral. The benefit of showing religion to be unnecessary for moral worth outweighs the distress these rats experienced.

Turns out rats are kinder than I am... I mean obviously I would free someone who was trapped but I would never ever ever share my chocolate chips

Or my bacon

Animals are closer to us in emotions than we give them credit for. Old school thinking was animals are on autopilot driven only by the need to eat and mate, any farmer, pet owner animal lover can tell you otherwise

So, rats have more empathy than republicans, good to know.

The next study should test whether humans have empathy. Based on news reports, it's in short supply.

They could have at least told us the species, suspense is killing me

Ahhhh no, we pretty much know who those fish are

Aren’t most Australians unknown to science?

That fish's expression says it all.

We eat anything:)

F**k only in Australia

How the f**k do you "accidently " eat a fish?

Guys I’m Australian I’m scared please don’t eat me 😧

Queensland Museum fish expert, Jeff Johnson, commented on the new grouper species, “I’ve been told they are quite tasty”.

Well, it does make sense...

That's right

That would mean u didn't figure out how to go back to the precise time u left.

True. I suspect they may have found out they cannot go back, as otherwise this would open a can of worms of causality problems and paradoxes or require branching time paths (as in Back to the Future)

Why would I want to meet that a*****e?

Future me would probably beat me up because past me is always screwing over present me... wait...

... leaving the time machine, he excitedly checked his Bitcoin, guaranteed of all the riches he'd ever need to... Well shucks.

Whoa, this is heavy. There's that word again.

Whoops. Kind of like Rip Van Wrinkle.

I want to know how high is too high. Asking for a friend

Depends on how much one consumes in general.

She looks like she's done her homework

Yeah I knew a guy who did that in high school. His name was Leroy. Broke both arms and both legs. Absolute legend.

I can’t stop laughing that her arms are busted, and I feel bad about laughing. 🤣

Me too 😆

The above site shows the image to be doctored, the original pic was about how water towers work:

Still funny though.

The last time my water broke, I took a baby home. You gotta take broken water seriously. LOL

I just hope the one you took home was yours 😅

Proof that mum jokes can be every bit as bad as dad jokes

A chemistry joke. HO HO HO

If anyone doesn’t get it, it’s a diagram of a h2o molecule (2 hydrogen atoms and 1 nitrogen atom) and the diorama of water just broke. Hope this helps! (every one should know this I knew this in grade 7)

*banjo music stops*

Mississippi: thank god for Alabama!!


Uncle Cleatus down at the trailer court wishes to disagree.

Relative Dating, the Story of the Habsburgs

Only for them, it was dueling harpsichords.

A Redneck Jedi - Luke... I am your father... and your brother... and your uncle's mother's cousin.

I can hear the sad twang of a snapped banjo string

Hey, a second cousin is not really a relative

I just want to rebraid her hair.

Do I hear "Dueling Banjos"??


Dolph Lundgren:Brains and Brawn

And looks

I'm glad Dolph is good at science stuff because he wasn't much at acting.

If Grace Jones loved him he must have been good at something.

Yeah, but he ditched a Fullbright for acting... (I hope someone else got it!) Brian May (Queen(, on the other hand went back to school after being a star and is an Astrophysicist 

I bet he never got picked on for being a geek

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