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A motorist has filmed a man car surfing takes on a busy urban road, The Horsley Drive, in Fairfield, Sydney, last Monday. The 30-second clip shows a man, dressed in jeans, a vest over a T-shirt and a yellow hat, crouching and then standing atop a white Honda CR-V SUV. The man gestures at oncoming traffic while he stands up before crouching back down to regain his balance.

Two men were subsequently charged by the police over the matter.

The 28 year old accused car surfer put on a show outside court, screaming a heavy metal song and dressing as the Joker from Batman.

The other man charged is his father, who was driving the car.


Car surfing:

Outside court and news report:

Of course this is not the first instance of people riding on the roof of a vehicle, in the US someone travelled across the entire country that way:

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Remember that a few days ago I posted a pic of eagle eyedviewers having sighted the Grim Reaper at Charles’ corronation? . . . .

The nature of the mysterious figure has been ascertained, although not by name. Contrary to some speculation, it wasn’t Meghan Markle.

Instead the figure is a verger, someone who is not a member of the abbey’s clergy, but who helps out with church services and sometimes carries a rod before a bishop or priest.

This is what the Holy Trinity verger of Kingston-upon-Hull looks like, with his ornate rod with the triple crowns:


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The above item reminds me of something I posted in Bytes some time ago . . .

In the 1960’s, Gladys and Harry Meadows were residents of the Haslemere Home for the Elderly at Great Yarmouth, England.

Gladys was a bit of a live wire and in September 1960 thought that she would bring a bit of cheer to the place. Notwithstanding that she was then aged 81, she performed a striptease.

Unfortunately her performance caused one elderly male resident to die as a result of cardiac arrest. Five other residents had to be treated for shock.

Harry didn’t take part in the striptease, but the following year, in 1961, Harry who at the time was 87 years old, thought it would be funny if he dressed up as the Grim Reaper. He duly did so. Then, from outside the Home, he peered through the windows complete with a scythe in hand.

Harry outdid Gladys. Three residents died of shock at seeing the Grim Reaper outside their window!

The Home was subsequently closed.

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A news report before the coronation revealed that even apart from, Andrew, Harry and Meghan, it may not be royal happy families, especially around the dinner table at get togethers . . .

News report:

Princess Anne has allegedly confronted Camilla over her new title at a tense coronation dinner.

The regal banquet was held at Buckingham Palace on the eve of the coronation and was attended by other members of the Royal Family and dignitaries.

The Princess Royal is alleged to have told her sister-in-law that her title is Queen Consort and not Queen, according to Princess Diana’s dressmaker, David Emanuel.

He claimed that the topic of Camilla’s new title is “highly charged” and that “a lot of people are unhappy” that she will be referred to as Queen rather than Queen Consort.

Source, and more, at:

The report coincided with Byter Steve M sending me an email aabout the issue, a topic which my better half and I had disagreed over whilst watching the coronation

Steve’s email:

Enjoying the Royal Bytes, thanks Otto.

If I have not missed it, could you please add a small segment at Queen Camila as she is now known? Terribly wrong, in my view, and she should remain Queen Consort. After all, Philip was not crowned as King when Her Maj received her title.

Some comments on the issue:

Camilla was crowned alongside her husband, King Charles III and is now officially known as Queen Camilla. Although sending more pretigious, it does not signify any practical difference in Camilla’s role. Queen consorts do not formally share the sovereign’s powers and this is not changed by dropping “Consort” from the title.

It does however mark her progression from the reviled “other woman”, to a senior royal member and by and large accepptance by the Brit public.

Camilla and her first hubby Andrew Parker-Bowles divorced in 1995, shortly after Charles gave a television interview admitting having engaged in rumpy-pumpy with Camilla. Charles and Diana divorced the following year and Diana was killed in a car carsh the year after that, in 1997. There was a global outpouring of grief, Camilla and Charles waited until 2005 to marry.

It was never clear whether Camilla would be called Queen when Charles became King, although Charles probably related to the lyrics of Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly:

Lavenders blue, dilly, dilly
Lavender's green
When I am king, dilly, dilly
You shall be queen
Who told you so, dilly, dilly
Who told you so?
'Twas mine own heart, dilly, dilly
That told me so

Queen Elizabeth II finally settled it in 2022 when she gave the blessing for Camilla to be known as Queen Consort. This was widely seen as an endorsemnt that the royal family had accepted Camilla as a respected senior member.

Last month, Buckingham Palace’s official coronation invitations referred to Camilla as “Queen Camilla” for the first time. At the time, British media reported that palace officials believed it was an appropriate time to introduce the title, because several months had lapsed since Elizabeth's death in September.

The most recent queen consort in British history was George VI’s wife, Queen Elizabeth, who was known as “The Queen” and later the Queen Mother.

While the wife of a king is usually titled as the queen, there is much less consistency for the husband of a reigning queen. The title of king consort is rare. The title of prince consort for the husband of a reigning queen is more common. Protocol is that the title of King is historically higher than the Queen, so if there is a Ruling Queen, her husband could never be King. An example is Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who married Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; because she insisted that he be given a title identifying his status, he became Albert, Prince Consort.

Bottom line:
  • The wife of a reiging King can be the Queen or the Queen Consort.
  • The husband of a reigning Queen is not called the King Consort, he is the Prince Consort or may have another title, such as the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • The King can decide what his spouse will be titled.
  • Charles determined that his missus will be known as Queen.
  • On coronation day, the royal family changed their website to reflect the Queen Camilla title.

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