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Swearing content.


Byter, colleague and friend Leo M sent me a video of advice for when things or days go sour, the video being called Bad DaysThanks Leo.

Some comments:

  • Leo’s video had the advice voice-over and showed various spills and falls for unfortunate people. I have not been able to locate that same video on the internet bit I have located others.
  • The voice-over is by Masood Boomgard, who is also the author.

  • He writes of himself on his website:
Masood Boomgaard, also known by his alter ego “Self-Help Singh”, is an international comedian and probably your favourite alternative life coach.

The comedian, (de)motivational speaker and parody expert discovered his inner alter ego when he fell and hit his head as he rushed to the toilet after some bad lamb vindaloo.

Since then, his videos have reached millions of views on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Throughout his ten year long career as a professional comedian, Masood Boomgaard has performed in both Dubai, New York, London and well… at home in his kitchen, room or his father’s garage.

Today Boomgaard lives together with his cat in South Africa, and he frequently shares common sense wisdom to his millions of fans online.


Below is the text for Bad Days, very practical advice in the same vein as the Desiderata, but with swearing:

When you have a bad day, give up.
Go home and sleep.
Fuck it, try again tomorrow.
Not every bad day can become a good day.
Some days are fucked and cannot be unfucked.
When you have a day that is fucked beyond repair, that is the universe speaking to you. Sending you a message.’
Listen to the universe, go home, save your energy.
Tomorrow is another day, for now just fucking chill.

See and hear him give the message by clicking on:

Worth clicking on.


Some other messages by him:

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