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Recently I posted a series of items from Bored Panda about nostalgia for children of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The items come from a Twitter site called ‘I love Nostalgia’ at:

The Bored Panda post can be viewed at:

I posted a selection from the BP site with the captions and selected reader comments.

Here are some more.


Most Young People Don't Know What This Mechanical Device Is

Reader comments:

My 64 year classic doesn't even have these. It has side screens that clip on, with a sliding window. Our most modern car (10 years old) still has the old fashioned hinged rear windows like the original Mini.

I'm 13 and I know what that is :P

Lots of cars in my country have it.

My 2002 Toyota Corolla has these, that's why I bought it, electric windows give me the creeps, I always imagine them failing in an accident with the engine on fire and doors jammed. Or if the car ends up in a river or lake, no thanks.

Mine still has them in the back. Guess what broke in the front some years ago?

This gave me happy flashbacks to riding in my grandparents car. Happy days <3

My car still has them. 2001 Jeep Wrangler. It's also a manual transmission. My kids think I just like to make life hard... they were born in the 90s. 🤣

I'm 12-13 and my grandads old truck had em!

That is why we had such stronger arm muscles than kiddos today!

I read some years back that electric windows are cheaper to install, parts are cheaper,, etc than manual windows. I do miss the little wing windows in the front, you could turn them to blast air at you before AC. I love AC, some modern things are way better than what we dealt with in the old days.

I miss those. You didn't need the car on to roll the window up or down. Back in the day sometimes kids waited in the car.

omg my grandparent's car has these

Still preferred over damned power windows that always go too far up or down

........and we still say "can you roll the window up or down"......

If You Remember This You’re Awesome Yet Bloody Old

Ah, the good old magicube flash. It rotated as you wound the film on.

Many a family gathering ended in temporary blindness off the flash back in the day.

The cube flash got bl***y hot. Burnt hand on it several times.

I've still got the scar on my finger from where one exploded in my hand..

I remember that 110 was kind of a s**t format due to the negative being so small the pictures were not that great.

On the other hand the cartridge stopped you exposing the film by mistake. Good for kids.

remember it? I HAD one! I still have the prints from it. Some of them are pretty terrible, but I was young and still learning the composition of a good photograph.

The "Red-Eye" Maker!!

I still remember the smell of the burning bulb

My comment:

That’s not old. My brothers and I had and used these as youngsters . . .


I'm This Old And Still Alive

They are still used, proper installed ones are sanitary and towels are washed and disinfected in special facilities

K-shunk, K-shunk, K-shunk

What are these?

Still better than these damn blow dryers we have now.

It's the smell that lingers, sort of antiseptic and mildew.

That last bit not rolled inside just hanging there was the germ spreader.

And it was always damp.

Ah, the good old never-clean.

They were always wet !!!

These are still used and probably cleaner than a hand dryer.

So gross.

I never used these in the olden days either. The idea of sharing a towel with strangers always grossed me out.

I’m This Old

They made a satisfying 'click clack' sound when used

And you could buy stuff during a power failure!

The power went down in our bookshop in Edinburgh when I worked there in the early Noughties and so we had to haul one of these bad boys out. Unfortunately, I misjudged the force required and snapped the customer's credit card in half. I always was s**t at retail.

And credit fraud was low

want your carbons?

Yes. So no one steals my CC numbers out of the trash.

The last time I saw one of these was around 2000 in the US. Last time I saw one in the UK was probably about 1980!

I'm 43. Never seen these in my country, Estonia. Only in movies.

wow That is old.

Some businesses still use these.

They're not that old, I remember them...let me think...till about 28 - 30 years ago.

Ahh yes. I believe the official name was "clicky clacker"

And make sure, your not getting a surprise, you put an $ mark in front of the amount.

Oh my goodness. You have to phone to get authorisation if the store had a limit to get the card checked to see if they had sufficient funds and the card was good. I had to cut up a few cards and had to call security because of it as I had very angry customers.

What is it? Probably an American thing

Feeling Stressed? Put Your Electronic Devices Away And Just Get These Rings Sorted Out. Take Your Time

These were my bathtub toys. Also excellent for doctor waiting rooms if there were no Highlights magazine.

I know that to an extent they’re still around, but you just can’t get the good ones any more. There used to be such amazing ones with different hoops, baskets, decorations and backgrounds. Even the one shown on here is super basic compared to the ones we used to have. Why don’t they seem to sell them anymore?

I had this one and the basketball one.

They caused many people's anxiety! Haahaa

They're still around! I got my grandson one and he plays with it for hours.

I miss these.

I'd completely forgotten these

These still exist

Never was I able to put all the rings on the spikes

No, these were designed to INDUCE stress

rough on the thumbs though.

This How It Was Done Kids

Or just disconnect from the wall.

I miss the satisfying feeling that slamming down a receiver could give you. Poking at a screen is just not the same.

I agree so satisfying to do and I miss the round dials when would spin the number required, and it spun back around for selecting another number, that noise is sooo satisfying

eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh

And the older my mom got the longer the phone stayed off the hook and I was 3,000 miles away. Luckily one of the kids I grew up with lived right across the street from my mom. Called her up often to go make sure my mom was still alive

That’s a new phone and in a colour that’s not black with a push pad.

Oh yeah and they couldn't even leave a damn message!! Woo!

Somehow, pressing the red Disconnect icon isn't quite as satisfying as slamming down the receiver.

I'm Either Seeing A Scene From Ghostbusters Or 1980s Google

Imagine just one little a*****e taking just one card and putting it somewhere randomly and you could literally NEVER find that book basically ever again

Or a scene from my elementary school library memories lol

Loved these as a kid, still don’t know why haha

Ughh...even in the 90's we had to learn how to use these in school

and the smell ... the smell from these. I would never take one out. I was too scared of our librarian even thinking I put it back wrong. I wonder how many hours they had to put these back in order ... or how often they checked it? Kids are mean ...

They had a rod through a hole in the bottom of the cards. They couldn’t just. Be pulled out.

I LOVED card catalogues!

Took a lot of time and special employees to do this, they also made coffee or tea for the staff if not overly abundant!

Dewey Decimal system is wonderful. Works great.

If You Know What These Are You’re Old As Dirt

Still the best way.

The ONLY way when the eyes go south.

Old? They are still available and used.

Did they invent a better way now days???

Net yet that I know of

Needle threader.

No, they're still being sold.

I still use one. I don't sew very often but my eyes are not what they used to be 🤣

I never understood why they always had a head in profile embossed on them

Probably for better grip.

They always broke.

Yeah, it's really annoying

Are you saying these aren't known to youngsters? I still use them lol

Are youngsters ever going to sew a button on by themselves?

I live and die by these things when embroidering or using the sewing machine.

actually older then dirt.

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