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50 Nostalgia-Instilling Posts For Kids Of The ’80s, ’90s And ’00s

Bored Panda recently posted captioned photographs and reader comments under the above title, which I think is incorrect in that some of those memories extend earlier than even the ‘80S.

The items come from a Twitter site called ‘I love Nostalgia’ at:

The Bored Panda post can be viewed at:

Here is a selection from the Bored Panda post . . .


Back In 1975, 'The Muppet Show' Predicted What Most Women Would Look Like In 2023

Some reader comments:

It's 100% happening right now!

They missed the fake boobs, though.

The template for selfies.

"Most" women? I hope not! Maybe some.

Perhaps we could say "most women on instagram/tiktok"?

She is Donatella Versace now!


Water from a hose, delicious if my kid self may say

On a real hot day... oh hell yeah!

Yummmm, I can taste it right now, and it's the best water ever...straight from the well, ice cold, and refreshing.

It has electrolytes! The kind that get leached off the pipes, but still.

But be sure to let it run cold first!

And this gave birth to... sprinklers and running through said sprinklers

Kink it and then when that kid everybody loves to mess with comes along, let the kink go and spray that kid right in the face!

I can taste this picture.

Only AFTER it cooled off. You could boil eggs in the water that was in that hose.

Nothing better than running Around in the hottest part of summer and turning on the hose and just drinking for a minute straight

I miss these. If you got on, you knew the deal. The risk was always worth the ride. 🤣

Now I get dizzy walking thru a revolving door. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Wheel Of Misfortune, there was always the one sadistic kid with the evil grin who wanted to spin it for you.

OMG, yes!!! 🤣🤣🤣 quickly followed by 🤮

These still exist in plenty of places. I think the US has safety-regulated playgrounds into complete and utter boringness though.

You picked yourself up, shook it off and ran like hell to jump back on again. That's how we did it. No broken bones, no missing teeth, no problem.

The struggle of being the pusher - getting it going really fast - and then pulling yourself on board against the centrifugal force.

Yeah, but being thrown off it when it was going around really fast was part of the FUN of it!

The local playground in my town still has one of these!

I went on not knowing better after I ate lunch🤢

Maybe we were more "bouncey" back then?🤣

No, back then, we played rough and learned how to do it. Sure, there would be stitches and broken bones but that's all part of the fun, isn't it? Kids today are so freaking soft their parents won't even let them drink out of a hose because germs.

That's why past generations were strong and tough to handle things.

Those were the best!

Only People Of A Certain Age Know Why These Two Are Related

I always used a BIC pen tho

I guess I was poor ... I used my pinkie finger

Cassettes are back. A new generation is learning the correlation. Lol

I saw some for sale recently and it made me feel young for a second.

Im gen z and I know what this is 😅 it’s too rewind it right?

lol...bless your heart. No, it was for when the tape inside the cassette got stretched out of the cassette, or flipped backward and would not play is so you can wind the tape back into the proper position to allow for it to play correctly.

Interesting fact: pencils sold in the west don't fit the spool holes very well because they were designed for Japanese pencils which are fatter!

Ah, how I miss the sweet heart attack-inducing panic of a chewed tape...

i patiently sat there with my pinky finger bc nobody told me about the pencil trick!!! XD

Man. When you were driving. And it just kept eating. And it was your best tape.

Yep. Ah, mix tapes.

Of Course It's Encased In Glass, It’s A Priceless Masterpiece

Can remember the noise the doors made when shutting.

And feel. I can feel the little spring loaded magnet thingy when you would push in a bit to get the door to pop open.

... And the speakers would be just as big.

So fancy back In the day, beautiful.

I remember the smell of old vinyl too

Dad had one. No one was allowed to go near it.

There we go. There's my old stereo. Except in black.

Oh the memories.....

If you had this and the big Pioneer speakers, Pink Floyd and some good acid it was Heaven on earth!

Mine had a record player sitting on TOP of all that. My years listening to music were never wasted. Love this thread. Good times.

Mine too, but it was grey/silver (I don't know why as it was a gift), the record player was so good!

This was mine. It has the cool three CD rack and you could always turn up the mega bass! I think this was from the early 90's/.

Ours had the detachable speakers connected with the tiniest of wire. Meant to last I tell you!

Whenever I'd get a new one, I'd save the speakers from the old ones and cram the wires in the ports. Surround sound, baby!

Still have one. Why would I get rid of what still works?

Are You This Old?

I'm old enough to have driven a SCHOOL BUS with one of those!

Oh it's the gum wrapper holder

Yeah, but the front seat was all one long bench. Sucked for tall front passenger when the driver was short. 🤣

Old enough to have used one

I don't remember any of my parent's cars having an ashtray in the back. My current car has both an ashtray and a cigar/cigarette lighter in the front. I neglected to specify the non-smoker option when I bought it! LOL.

Your car must be a few years old. Nowadays it’s a smoker’s option, and costs extra money for them to put in the ashtray & lighter.

My very first car had such a thing. It was a 1964 Chevy Impala. I loved that car. I also remember ashtrays that were integrated into the armrests in the back seat of the car.

In my parents' car they were in the door handles, not the back of the front seat, but otherwise the same.

oooooo...expensive cloth seats


If you could see my shins…

In the shin ? In the legs many times. But in the shin ??

Yes the shin, I still have scars. edit... you know the shin is the leg right?

The amount of bruises these have caused, the pedals should go to jail for war crimes

Or riding barefoot.

That was us. Barefoot most of the summer. I can't remember how many times I stepped on bees and got stung.

Is that blood in the center of that pedal? (Probably my blood.)

I can feel the pain searing through me just by reading this

The back of my heel! OMG THE PAIN!!!

Thankfully, I never owned a bicycle that had pedals with teeth.

I'm pretty certain the devil made these just to laugh at the pain caused 🤣🤣🤣

How You Found Your Friends In The 80s

I wish this was how it is now. All my friends live far away 😭

How you found your friends, and how you got around town.

Oh wow, yes! On a Saturday or day off from school, we would hop on our bikes and pedal around the neighborhood. If we found a house with this we knew where we were hanging out that day!

Bikes were the best... Bike Life was even better (kid kind, not adult kind)

Yup, my bike didn't have a kickstand so it'd be on the ground...

I always removed the kickstand, the chain guard, and the back pedal brake.

“How you found your friends in EVERY decade since the 1880s or thereabouts.” Bicycles did not just magically appear in the 1980s, folks.

I'm pleased to say, this is still often how our driveway looks! I've run over many bikes left for me in the morning in fact.

Being a girl, I always used my bike stand ... not sure, but didn't most girls refuse to lay your bike on the ground?

Not just the 80s. This was the method used by countless generations since the bike was invented.

I just had a flashback!

Hey free bikes

And every other kid in the neighbourhood would recognise the stolen bike and tell the owner - we looked out for each other in those days.


More to come

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