Sunday, August 13, 2023


How Are You?

    - Unknown

“How are you?” he asked,
To which I replied as I should,
With my usual “Good,
Thanks, I’m good.”

“How about you?” I queried.
To which he replied
“Not good, let me tell you,”
And I inwardly sighed.

Although it is couched
In terms of one caring,
A litany of complaints
Is not made for sharing.

Whether sick as a dog
Or Mallee bull fit,
People prefer to not hear
That you’re feeling like shit.

It’s a greeting, an intro,
Not a dinkum concern,
When it comes to ailments
I’ve got plenty to burn.

When I ask “How are you?”
Don’t list all your stuff,
“Good thanks, and you?”
Is quite good enough.

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