Wednesday, August 16, 2023



Some feedback and comments from readers . . .


From Rob T in the UK, responding to a pic of a shelf in a bookshop labelled “Mystery”, the shelf not containing any books . . .

Dear Otto,

Your sign “MYSTERY” reminded me of the reception Tony Blair’s book got …..

With best regards,

Rob T……

Thanks Rob

Here are some other funny book placements . . .

And some other funny signage . . .


A couple of comments received about the recent Nostalgia pics post . . .


From Philip C:

Hi Otto,

We last used manual window winders on 14th March 2023 because they were fitted on our Flinders Island hire car. The vehicle also “featured” a 3-speed automatic and no air conditioning but it was comfortable and reliable, so perfect for tripping around the island.


Thanks Philip

From David G about young people recognising bygone items . . .

Thinking about our childhood I wonder if today’s kids could understand the clip off collars our fathers had on their business shirts. Those were the days of real pollution!


Thanks Dave.

By the way, this is what they look like:

Styles available in the 1920's

Some ads from the 1920’s . . .


From Ron T, in respect of one pic that said if the viewer could recognise the item, they were older than dirt . . .

Otto, Heavens !! - if those items are for those older than dirt, then I'm of the Big Bang event

Thanks old timer!


From friend Steve M, commenting on my post about the film Titanic to finish off my third Top 10 + 2, before starting the fourth (as I predicted, he will look dowen on some of my choices) . . .

G’day Otto,

Thank you so much for the excellent Bytes on Titanic. Very interesting indeed. As for the movie lists, I shall not stoop to saying anything other than Groundhog Day….really?

Steve m

Thanks (I think), Steve

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