Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Readers Write and Christmas Hospital Decorations

Readers Write continued. . . 

From Leo M, in response to the before and after photographs of Aleppo as a consequence of the civil war:
Very moving Otto. 
I was there in 1978 and it was a beautiful city as was most of Syria. 
Unfortunately the Saudi’s want to control the Middle East with their religion by using their wealth, along with the help of America and Israel.
The West created this after WW1 and it won’t go away.  
Wait for the next episode of the Kurds verse Turkey over a state between Syria, Iraq and Western Turkey when the Kurds have smashed ISIL. The deal has been made with the US but Turkey won’t accept it. It could drag in Iran with Russian support, and of course Syria will help if the Kurds promise not to take too much of their land. Gives the Kurds a seaport into the Mediterranean and a more legitimate claim for their oil and mineral rights in Kurdistan.  
2017 is going to be interesting.
Thanks, Leo.

From Graham E, also in response to the Aleppo photographs:
Morning Mr O,

Seeing today’s Bytes reminded me of a book that a friend brought back from Beirut some years ago with before and after pictures following the civil war.

They were similar except the before showed the destruction and the after showed the restoration.

I have looked on line to see if there was a website with them but not anything particular was found.

As they say in Star Wars Rogue One, there is always a new hope!

Merry Christmas

Mr G 
Thanks, Graham.

From Rosie J, also on the Aleppo photographs:
Those photos are incredible - the futility of war. 
Thanks, Rosie.

On a different theme but in keeping with the Christmas period, Leo also sent me an email titled “Medical Staff Are Very Creative People.”

Here is the email:

Babies born In the festive period are wrapped up In Christmas stockings

This hospital knows how to be festive.

You know you work in a hospital when the Christmas decorations look like this . . .

Hospital decor

Hematology Christmas Tree

Condom Christmas tree

Wreath made of pee jars

Hospital Christmas

Skeleton named Mal Nutrition 

(I have written about Mal before, he lives at Canberra Hospital. Here is a pic I took some years ago:

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