Monday, December 12, 2016

Readers Write


Last week’s item about farts being set alight during surgical procedures caused Byter David B to respond with an email:
How on earth could you bother us with such a trumped up story? (Refer to the other meaning of Trump in Yorkshire which was discussed some time ago)
Thanks, David.

The Bytes post that David B is referring to can be read by clicking on:


Sue P wrote in response to the post about the chap who saved his dog from a kangaroo and punched the animal (the kangaroo, not the dog) controversially in the face.

Her email:
Thanks Otto 
The kangaroo story had a follow-up:
Thanks Sue.

According to the report in the above link, the pig shooting trip was a last wish of a young man, Kailem Barwick, aged 19, who was dying of cancer. The trip took place in June of this year and the incident with the roo was part of a compilation of images of that trip given to Kailem, a keen hunter. Kailemn died on 2 December 2016 and the video was posted on Facebook after that date, quickly going viral.


From Byter Nick K:
Dear Otto,

Thank you for your Byes. You forgot to mention that today is my birthday.

But what I really wanted to write you about is that annoying Americanism “write me” (appearing in Brett’s days).

Why do they cut out the “to”? “Did you write [to] him”; “Don’t forget to write [to] me!”.

Hope you’re well.


Thanks, Nick.

What can I say?

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