Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some word play limericks


(Dr is, of course, pronounce ‘Doctor’)

She was wooed by a handsome young Dr,
Who one day in his arms tightly Ir,
But straightway he swore
He would do so no more,
Which the same, it was plain, greatly shr.

(Worcester is pronounced ‘Wooster’)

There was an old fellow in Worcester,
Who owned quite a famous game rorcester.
But when it grew old
It had to be sold.
It could not fight as it urcester.

There was a young man from Elora,
Who married a girl called Lenora,
But he had not been wed
Very long till he said,
"Oh, drat it! I've married a snora!"

A king who began on his reign.
Exclaimed with a feeling of peign,
"Though I'm legally heir,
No one seems to ceir
That I haven't been born with a breign."

Though a young man of football physique.
His heart was exceedingly wique,
While he much loved the maid,
He was so afraid
That he hadn't the courage to spiquc.

Some day, ere she grows too antique,
In marriage her hand I shall sique.
If she's not a coquette —
Which I'd greatly regrette —
She shall share my six dollars a wique.

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