Tuesday, August 2, 2016

First Colour Photographs of Scotland

Byter Tobye P sent me the following email:
Hi Otto, my husband sent these stunning pics to me-you may have seen these before, but if not they’re worth a look, so I wanted to share.  
Regards, Tobye 
The pics sent by Tobye are preceded by a brief commentary:
The following images show Scottish cities, towns and attractions during the 1890s - and in colour. They were created using the Photochrom technique pioneered by Photoglob Z├╝rich AG, which sees colour manually added to black-and-white negatives. The Swiss firm licensed the process to other companies such as the Detroit Photographic Company in the US and the Photochrom Company of London. The following images are among the most striking produced during the period...
As Tobye suggested, they are worth sharing, a look at a bygone era with charming photographs that are in a style and format suiting the period . . . 

High Street, Harwick

The beach, Portobello, Edinburgh

Largs from the pier

The Sma’Glen

Entrance to Glen Nevis, Fort William


Abbotsford, near Melrose, on the south bank of the River Tweed

The entrance to Eglinton Castle, now abandoned

East Bay, Dunoon

Burns National Monument, Mauchline

Princes Street, the castle, and Scott Monument, Edinburgh

View of the Tay, Perth

St. Enochs Station, Glasgow

More to come in a future Bytes.

Thanks, Tobye

Btw, notice how the Brits and now the Scots rip off our place names . . .  Perth, Helensburgh, Abbotsford . . .

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