Saturday, August 13, 2016

Olympic Spot

The long and the short and the tall . . .

A comparison in sizes - Team USA Basketball Player Deandre Jordan (2.1m / 6'11") and Gymnast Ragan Smith (1.37m / 4'6")

Reminiscent of Eric the Eel, Ethiopian Robel Kiros Habte (dubbed Robel the Whale) is not of a physique one brings to mind when considering Olympic swimmers. Robel was the only one of 59 entrants in the heats not to complete 100m in under one minute. By the time the swimmers surfaced after the dive off the blocks, Robel was already a body length behind. He explained his time as being slower than his personal best of 59.08 seconds in that his morning training had drained him.

According to a number of unconfirmed reports, Habte’s father is in fact the President of the Ethiopian Swimming Federation.

Likewise, Mexican Olympian Alexa Moreno is not the traditional image of the slight, gaunt gymnasts one is used to seeing in competition. She competed in five events and came in 12th on the women’s vault, ahead of athletes from Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Hungary, among others. She also outscored 54 women in the floor exercise competition. Wtg Alexa, up yours fat shamers and trolls.

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