Friday, August 12, 2016

Quote for the Day

"They keep chasing after us. We have to run all day long. They're parasites who take everything and give nothing. And as for the broads who work for the press, they're the hookers of the press. I might offer them a buck and a half I'm not sure."

- Frank Sinatra
addressing the audience during a concert in Melbourne, Australia, 1974, after becoming peeved at the stories about him in the local press. 

It resulted in the Australian Journalists' Association demanding that Sinatra apologise for his remarks and trade unions refusing to refuel his plane and to not provide any services of any sort. Bob Hawke, leader of the ACTU, declared: "If you don't apologise your stay in this country could be indefinite. You won't be allowed to leave Australia unless you can walk on water." After 3 days holed up in his hotel room, Sinatra met with Hawke, the latter demanding a written apology. Sinatra, who had never apologized in his life, refused. A compromise was eventually reached with Sinatra signing a statement that he regretted any inconvenience caused to patrons who had missed his cancelled concerts. When Sinatra stepped on stage at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion the following night he declared "What a bunch of coconuts we've had this week!"

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