Monday, August 29, 2016

Readers Write . . .


From Arthur T in respect of the item on which superhero was the first to wear a skintight body outfit:  


I totally forgot the Phantom and would have said it was Superman. As I remember, we all used to swap comics with other kids in the ‘50’s and there was also a book shop that sold second hand comics at Balmain. Have a nice day.


Thanks Arthur.

Here’s a couple of superhero funnies to start the week. . .


Wayne sent me an email about the old photographs post:

Love the photos - keep them coming - the only thing that has changed in the Balmain photo is the cars.

Wayne B
Thanks Wayne.

Speaking of things Balmain, this January 2016 article may be of interest. You can access it by clicking on the following link:

'Once a proud and mighty club, all the old boys are crying in heaven': Eerie pictures show the once-thriving but now dilapidated Balmain Leagues Club as fans remember a 'golden age'

Eerie photographs show how the Balmain Leagues Club has deteriorated in the seven years since it was sold for just $1.

The walls in Sydney's inner west have been covered top to bottom in graffiti, cords hang tangled from the ceiling, and furnishings are smashed and sprawled across the dilapidated site that squatters took over in 2010.

A series of images by photographer Brett Patman, who captures abandoned and ‘forgotten environments’ for his project Lost Collective, show how far the club’s residence has plummeted as fans remember their golden age and the memorable 1989 grand final against the Canberra Raiders.

The site at Rozelle in Sydney's inner west has been the subject of an ongoing redevelopment war, with outrage at the proposals and handling continuing today.  It had originally been proposed that two towers as tall as 26 and 32-storeys would replace the site, which was rejected along with the incrementally smaller proposals.




From Nick K in respect of the quote of the day that “Anger” is one letter short of “Danger” . . .

It is also apt to note that “laughter” is one letter short of “slaughter”.
Thanks. Nick.

From Martin Smith, who checks carefully everything I post, in respect of the following joke:

A Higgs Boson walks into a church.
The priest says we don't allow Higgs Bosons in here.
The Higgs Boson says “But without me, how can you have mass?” 

Calling the boson that gives rise to mass a Higgs is an affront to those that have worked in this field in the 1960’s

I feel it was like the rejection of a science assignment that my daughter was doing about 12 years ago when I claimed that Pluto was not a planet…

Unfortunately, I feel that the Higgs name will live on when in reality, success has many fathers..

Thanks Martin.

From the article at the above link:

One of the scientists who helped develop the theory of the Higgs boson says the particle should be renamed. Carl Hagen believes the name should acknowledge the work of others - not just UK physicist Peter Higgs. The long-running debate has been rekindled following speculation that this year's Nobel Prize for Physics will be awarded for the Higgs theory. The detection of a particle thought to be the Higgs was announced at the Large Hadron Collider in July last year.

American Prof Hagen told BBC News: "I have always thought that the name was not a proper one. To single out one individual marginalises the contribution of others involved in the work. Although I did not start this campaign to change the name, I welcome it."

Prof Peter Higgs developed a theory of how other sub-atomic particles came to have substance, or mass, and published his work in 1964. However, other researchers independently came up with similar ideas and they, along with Prof Higgs, have long argued for the name of the particle to be changed.
Here are a couple of more Higgs Boson items that will piss off Martin . . .

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